COVID-19 Update

The most important thing to us right now is everyone’s health and safety. We are taking additional cleaning and sanitation measures within the salon and please ask that you:

  • Wear a mask to your service
  • Arrive alone (children and guests will not be permitted at this time)
  • Meet us outside the salon to greet you (we will be checking symptoms at this point)
  • Our beverage service will consist of canned items only (perrier, cold-brewed coffee, soda). If you would like fresh water, please bring your own water bottle to be filled.
  • And finally, please reschedule if you are not symptom-free

Our Dexterity Salon app makes it easy to keep track of your appointments and Dex Rewards, which you can download here: [https://apps.apple.com/us/app/dexterity-salon/id1499451161]. You may also visit our Shop tabs for Index By Dex, Bb and R+Co retail products, including Dex Root Kits (please contact us for more information).

We appreciate your support, patience and understanding during this time. We recognize that change will be the norm for awhile but we also believe there are brighter days ahead!

Sending much love and well wishes, 

Jeff, Tara & your Dexfam xo