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Jeff Martin

Originally from Chicago, IL, Jeff graduated from Von Curtis Academy in 1993 and immediately established himself as a renowned hair ...

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Tara Southard

Tara graduated with her B.S. in Business Marketing from the University of Utah in 2001. She found the marketing position ...

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Samantha Edam

Since March 2005, upon entering the doors of Dexterity, you will find the cheerful enthusiasm of Sam, the front desk ...


Rachel Teran

Rachel Teran was Dexterity’s first apprentice and is often referred to as Jeff’s Prodigy. She began as a receptionist in ...

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Alexis Lear

After receiving a B.A. from Utah State University in Public Relations, Alexis Lear found herself eager to do something new. ...

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Marisa Wand

Marisa’s desire to become a hairstylist all began with a school girl crush. In 1996, 12 year old Marisa sat ...


Alexa Dillingham

We are excited to have Alexa Dillingham as a part of the Dexterity family as one of our stylists. As ...

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Chelsey Frost

After a stint living in Washington DC, Chelsey realized she had a passion and a gift for style and fashion, ...

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Randi Hieb

With Randi’s artistic energy and love for people, it was a “no-brainer” for her to become a hair stylist. She ...

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Calla Hoover

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Sasha King